What if you could finally get hired for the high-level, high-paying position you deserve?!

  • Does the idea of job hunting stress you out because you have zero confidence in your ability to sell yourself in today’s over saturated job market?
  • Spending all your “spare time” searching and applying for new positions, but baffled at why you’re getting nowhere?
  • Are you fostering feelings of inadequacy, hopelessness and self-doubt about finding a high-level role that comes with the FAT paycheck you know you deserve?
  • Do you know your resume sucks, and get major anxiety at the mere thought of a job interview?

Just imagine…

  • Becoming sought after by recruiters, hiring managers and decision makers in your field for precisely the type of high-level jobs you want
  • Acing your interviews every time and being able to choose between multiple job offers and hand-pick your next job versus settling for whatever you get
  • Uncovering your own unique brand promise, learning to speak employers’ language and confidently articulating your value on paper, online and in person
  • Gaining the ability to change your mindset and completely transform the way you look at your professional self and “job searching”

See, I know your story…

You’re a brilliant, well-educated and intuitive “professionista” who has a big dream: to finally land that Manager, Director or VP position you know you deserve.

There’s just one big problem: you’ve reached a professional plateau…

Yup, you have arrived at the highest possible level in your company, you feel restricted in your role, or you no longer feel challenged or engaged by your work.

On top of that, you’re not quite sure you’re ready for the next level and you are lost and confused about what steps you need to take to actually get into upper-management.

You’re completely OVER your current employer and you are BEYOND ready for a change. Yet, you’ve been job searching for weeks, months – even YEARS with nothing to show for it!

Stop wasting precious time!

After just 5 weeks together you can transform your career with

a 5-step online program specifically designed to help you brand, market and sell yourself for the POSITIONS (& SALARY) YOU DESERVE!

By the end of our time together, you will be crystal clear on your ideal career path, you will understand your strengths and articulate your value to  potential employers to a TEE.
Ultimately, you’ll be equipped with all the tools you need to crush your competition and land that high-level role you deserve.

“I had been struggling to find a new job opportunity for months.  I found Melanie on LinkedIn and after days of researching and emailing several companies.  I instantly felt a connection with Melanie when she responded to my email inquiry right away. I felt those other companies are all about volume, while Melanie is all about personal service.

After speaking to her by phone the first time, I knew I was making the right choice, especially after seeing her website.  I knew she was definitely someone I could trust.   With her assistance I feel much more confident when applying for any job. Her services and guidance have increased my self confidence and knowledge of job searching.  I learned making contact with the hiring manager after applying and networking on LinkedIn is key!  I know when I do find my dream job it is going to be one I know I truly deserve and will be compensated according to my accomplishments.

I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of her services.  She cares and has a great passion in what she does.  Thank you so much Melanie for everything you have done for me!

- Melisa Garcia

With this complete guide to professional self-marketing, you gain access to:

Video Trainings

I break down each module into simple bite sized pieces through videos, exercises and worksheets so you can easily ingest the wealth of information I will be sharing.

You gain immediate access to all the material once you begin, so although I mapped it out into weekly steps, you are able to go at your own pace or focus on your most pressing areas first by watching the videos that you feel are most important to you right now.


I not only teach you exactly what you need to do, but I set you up for success by providing countless resources and tools that will make the transition from learning to execution a breeze.

I am handing over some of my absolute best resume samples, LinkedIn profile examples, cover letter templates, job search planning tools and resources for uncovering hidden job opportunities.


I not only teach you exactly what you need to do, but I set you up for success by providing countless resources and tools that will make the transition from learning to execution a breeze.

I am handing over some of my absolute best resume samples, LinkedIn profile examples, cover letter templates, job search planning tools and resources for uncovering hidden job opportunities.


Although your situation is unique, there are many others who share your frustrations and desires for career fulfillment. With access to my private Facebook group full of other women who are on a similar journey, you WILL be supported. Not to mention you’ll have unlimited access to ME so I can answer any and all of your career-related questions, help you overcome challenges and guide you to clarity.

I was looking to get back into medical sales but I knew that I needed to stand out from the thousands of other applicants. Melanie helped me do this by updating my resume and linked in profile. A few months later, I landed my dream job!

- Rachel Rendon

Here’s what we cover!

Get Your Mind Right

We first build the confidence you need within yourself to realize that you DO deserve more from your career. You will be amazed as we breakthrough your internal barriers, shift your thinking and open your mind to see beyond the seemingly hopeless reality of your current circumstances and embrace the possibility of soaring up the corporate ladder.


  • The Importance of Mindset in your Job Search
  • The Truth About Today’s Job Market
  • 10 Ways to Shift Your Thinking
  • 141 Career Affirmations

Get Clear on Your Career

With my guidance, you will pinpoint exactly what your desired career path looks like. We’ll dig deep within to uncover your inner passions, natural talents and core values to create a roadmap to the career you will absolutely love.


  • The Importance of Focus
  • Career Clarity Exercise
  • What if I have NO IDEA What I Want?
  • Defining Your Core Work Values

Develop Your Personal Brand

A killer resume alone is not enough! Together we will craft a unique brand promise that embodies your value, then incorporate it into your self-marketing tool-kit. I walk you through the process of creating a résumé, cover letter and LinkedIn profile designed to attract the roles you want and position you as a hot commodity in your field.


  • Assessing Your Career History
  • Defining Your Personal Brand Exercise
  • Résumé Writing 101
  • 15 Résumé Samples
  • 389 Powerful Résumé Verbs
  • Cover Letter Templates
  • How to Write a LinkedIn Profile that Turns Heads
  • Powerful LinkedIn Profile Examples

Plan Your Work & Work Your Plan

Don’t worry, I will keep you on track and maintain accountability by helping you devise a realistic step-by-step self-marketing action plan to attract the opportunities you really want.


  • Job Search Success Checklist
  • Best & Worst Ways to Find Work
  • The Importance of a Self-Marketing Strategy
  • Job Search Tracker & Action Plan
  • Mastering the Art of Networking

Win them Over & Step Into Your New Career

I will teach you how to change your view of the interview process so you interview like a pro and ace each and every one. By the end of our time together, you will be so confident in yourself and the value you bring, that employers will be throwing offers at you left and right – so you are in a position to actually choose your next role.


  • How to Ace Your Interviews Every Time
  • 90 GOOD Questions to Ask During a Job Interview
  • Using the Art of Story Telling to Convey Your Value
  • The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Acing Virtual Interviews

My mission is to empower brilliant corporate women who feel under-employed, stuck and ready to move on, yet, can’t seem to land the higher-level, higher-paying Manger/Director/VP positions they know they deserve.

I am here to help these women unleash their power, let go of the self-sabotaging beliefs and gain the confidence and tools they need to own their worth, sell their value and finally take a seat at the big BO$$ lady table – where they belong!

As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Career Coach, LinkedIn Strategist, Personal Branding Consultant, Speaker, Author and a trusted resource for all things career, I’ve helped hundreds of job seekers to brand and market themselves to secure not just new jobs, but make BANK doing what they do best!

I am the author of The Job Seeker’s Secret Guide to LinkedIn and my work has been featured in multiple career books including the Gallery of Best Cover Letters – 5th Edition, Modernize Your Resume and Modernize Your Job Search Letters.

I have been featured on countless radio shows and invited to speak to national organizations and local non-profits across Florida on career topics from resumes, LinkedIn, interviewing, personal branding, networking and career development.

A special message from me to you…

I know the frustration in having an idiot for a boss and the maddening feeling of being undervalued and unappreciated for all your hard work and long hours. I completely understand feeling stifled in an organization that doesn’t promote growth or advancement from within.

I know…because I’ve been there.

I was the biggest job hopper you could ever know!  I always wondered what my dream job really was and never really understood how to figure out what I wanted out of a career. Even though I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted out of my career, I knew exactly what I didn’t want.

I didn’t want to feel undervalued. I didn’t want to be overworked and underpaid. I didn’t want to be unappreciated for my efforts. I didn’t want to feel empty inside after a long day’s work. So, I NEVER settled for any position that made me feel that way.

Here’s the deal, we spend far too much of our waking hours making a living for us to sacrifice our own happiness in the process. We don’t have to settle for a job we hate…we ALL deserve a fulfilling career we love.

My determination to NEVER settle for a “job” just because it paid the bills allowed me to arrive where I am right now – helping other professionals who are brilliant to step into their brilliance, hone in on their passions and natural talents, stand in their confidence as a valuable asset and learn the practical tools they need to create the career of their dreams!

That is exactly what I teach you to do in this program – how to believe in yourself, get clear on your career goals and make them a reality. The same way I’ve done it for all my clients thus far!

“Thank you so much for saving my life lol.. I had been at the same job for the past 4.5 years . I was at the point where just thinking about going to my job would make me so sad and depressed. I was filling out so many applications and not receiving callbacks or going on interviews and never hearing anything. I’m so glad I decided to reach out to Melanie for help.

I was so impressed with the way she had me sounding on paper, that I walked into that interview with my head held up and my confidence at an all time high. The recruiter took one look at my resume and said “I have no doubt in my mind you are the perfect fit for our company”. Within 2 days, I received my offer letter and learned that I will be making double my current salary. I am so excited to start my new career and I could not have done it without her help. Thank you so much , you are truly amazing at what you do!!

- Teresa Levy

Before using Melanie’s service, I struggled with my job search. I began to receive interview offers but more importantly I landed a leadership position in my field of health care allowing me to embark on a new chapter of my career. Thank you Melanie!”

-Keema E.

I had been on LinkedIn before I met Melanie, but I wasn’t getting much out of it. I knew it was a good site to use, but I didn’t quite understand its value. I totally bought into what Melanie was saying about self-marketing and personal branding, so I decided to make the investment for her to revamp my entire LinkedIn profile. I had absolutely no edits! It was amazing.

My new profile really captured the essence of what I wanted to put out there. And, after just 30 minutes with her as my LinkedIn tour guide, I learned so many tips and tricks to using the site and now I have more than 1,100 high quality connections! Just 1 week after her coaching session, I e-mailed her asking how much will it be for me to get some more LinkedIn coaching…that’s how much I’m liking the results.

- Adam Scull

I was extremely unhappy at work and was looking for a way out. I began filling out job applications and submitting my resume to different companies. I have years of experience in my field, but was not receiving responses. It crossed my mind that maybe my resume wasn’t very appealing.

With this in mind, I reached out to Melanie and she was able to transform my information into an enticing and professional resume. After receiving my new and improved resume and submitting it to companies, I started received phone calls and emails requesting interviews! Having Melanie create my resume was one of the best career moves that I have ever made. Thanks Mel!”

- Charlotte Pettiway

Life is too short to play small and settle
NOW is the time for success and significance in your career


This is perfect for you if you’re:

  •   Well-educated, highly qualified
  •   Bored (mastered your role)
  •   At the highest possible level in your firm
  •   No longer challenged or engaged
  •   Able to easily do your boss’ job
  •   Feeling STUCK & FRUSTRATED

This may not be for you if you’re:

  •   Dead set on doing what you’ve been doing
  •   Scared to play big and demand more
  •   Not ready to embrace your brilliance
  •   Feeling just fine in your comfort zone
  •   Not willing to take responsibility for your life
  •   OK with being underpaid – cuz it’s a job

Don’t waste another day spinning your wheels trying to do this on your own.

You simply DO NOT have time to waste on another job search tip that will get you nowhere with you career goals. You need guidance from a career expert who’s been where you are and can take you to where you want to go.

The job market has changed dramatically over the last decade, and you need to understand how to sell yourself in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven, over-saturated job market.

Trust me, if this process was a piece of cake and could be done all alone, you would be exactly where you want to be – but you’re NOT.


So, when will you finally show up for yourself and create the career (and paycheck) you know you deserve?????


You’ve got questions..I have answers!

How do I know this program is for me?

I find my best clients are those who are truly ready to make this transition and willing to invest the necessary time and energy into pursuing a new career. I love working with professionals who are open to a new way of looking at career management and willing to commit 100% to the process. They get the best results, so if this is you…let’s do this!

How much does it cost?

There is just a low one-time free of $197.

I'm pretty busy. How much time will this take out of my day?

No worries…although I designed the modules week by week, this is a flexible, self-paced program that you can do at your leisure, so if you can carve out just a few hours a week to work on something as important as your happiness and career fulfillment, you’ll be fine!

When does this program start?

It’s self-paced, so the program starts when you start!

Can I speak to you about my specifc career challenges before I sign up?

Yes, just visit bit.do/freecareersession and schedule some time for us to chat.

P.S. I want you think about your future…if you don’t make a change today, when will you get out of your current situation? One day? Don’t let another day, week, month, year pass you by stuck in a miserable job. Get on track to a rewarding career right now.

“See” you in class!


**Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, motivation and desire. Facts and figures on this website are believed to be accurate, but are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.