Lindsey is now making BO$$ moves as a successful Engineer with the Dept. of Defense

Melanie changed my perception on the value of hiring a professional career coach.  Before using her services, my resume would attract companies outside of my career path. 

I also received rejections emails within days from the time I applied to job postings at my desired companies. After working with Melanie, I began to get interview calls instead of rejection emails. 

Soon after I obtained her interview coaching service, which helped secure second interview callbacks, job offers begun to roll in preceding final interviews. 

I highly recommend Melanie to anybody looking to market themselves for a new job.

- Lindsey Sanders

Melanie Denny gives lots of practical tips about how to best go about one’s job search. But, any competent career advisor can do that.

What sets Melanie apart — head and shoulders above other career coaches — is her ability to inspire.

She motivates her clients to think differently about their lives and to see that their options are much wider than they thought. She is able to able to return you to that idyllic state of mind in childhood where life was exciting and anything was possible.

She then shows you, step by step, how to work towards your goals.

- Kimberly L. Robinson

Kimberly landed her dream job working hand in hand with a CFO in Riverdale, NY

“When I realized my current career wouldn’t get me where I needed to go, the fear of getting back into the job market was overwhelming.

My resume was old, my interview skills dusty. Working with Melanie was by far the best decision I could have made! She counseled me on EVERY  single step. When she was finished, my resume was both informative and eye catching, and after a few days my phone and email where both filled with prospective employers.

She even helped me negotiate extra perks! Her knowledge is vast, her professionalism speaks volumes and ultimately, I owe my new career and bigger pay check directly to her efforts. If you do NOTHING else, invest in yourself!”

- Artis Scott

Teresa doubled her salary!

“Thank you so much for saving my life lol..

I had been at the same job for the past 4.5 years . I was at the point where just thinking about going to work would make me so sad and depressed.

I was filling out so many applications and not receiving callbacks or going on interviews and never hearing anything. I’m so glad I decided to reach out to Melanie for help. 

I was so impressed with the way she had me sounding on paper, that I walked into that interview with my head held up and my confidence at an all time high.

The recruiter took one look at my resume and said “I have no doubt in my mind you are the perfect fit for our company”.

Within 2 days, I received my offer letter and learned that I will be making double my current salary. I am so excited to start my new career and I could not have done it without her help.

Thank you so much, you are truly amazing at what you do!!

- Teresa Levy

I hired Ms. Denny as a resume writer and career consultant in 2015 after viewing her profile on Linkedin. She completed a flawless resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile for me. 

She is a very professional, knowledgeable, and hands-on individual who takes the time to understand her clients past work history and future professional goals and then translate this  information into your resume.

I was particularly impressed by Ms. Denny’s ability to take me out of my comfort zone by encouraging me to realize me full potential and not settle for an any job as many job seekers often do.

As a resume writer/empowerment coach, Ms. Denny earns my highest recommendation.

- Faith Chambers

I had been struggling to find a new job opportunity for months.  I found Melanie on LinkedIn and after days of researching.  I instantly felt a connection with Melanie. Melanie is all about personal service. 

After speaking to her by phone the first time, I knew I was making the right choice, especially after seeing her website.  I knew she was definitely someone I could trust.   

With her assistance I feel much more confident when applying for any job. Additionally, I recently received a job offer, which I decided not to take as they could not offer me what I felt I am worth.  Her services and guidance have increased my self confidence and knowledge of job searching. 

I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of her services.  She cares and has a great passion in what she does.  Thank you so much Melanie for everything you have done for me!

- Melisa Garcia

Melisa landed a new opportunity with AAA after being  sought after by multiple recruiters on LinkedIn

OK, I think that’s enough reading about others’ success…time to make your own BO$$ Lady moves!!